Tuesday, August 25, 2009

V is for Vending

Vending machines abound in Japan, even isolated in a field. This one sells vegetables from a neighborhood garden. What's different for an American is that Japan doesn't have our zoning system. In Japan, you'll find industry, agriculture, and residence all mixed up together, perhaps in the same block. You can see an apartment complex to the left behind this small commercial orchard. You'll also notice the litter around the vending machine, despite Japan's reputation for public cleanliness.

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WAC said...

I understand that in Germany vending machines are also scattered everywhere and that residential neighborhoods have cigarette vending machines located where children play. I suppose that they don't need beer vending machines there because it is served as part of the family meal.

I've often thought that we'd be better off if we re-sacramentalized (or whatever the right word for that is?) tobacco and alcohol and used them only in the context of religious ceremonies. Sundays in Massachusetts could be a lot more interesting that way!