Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Bridge to Luck

The largest Shinto shrine in Shizuoka is Sengen Jinja. It is an entire hill, with several buildings and paths and wonderful views, and I hiked there often. This is the bridge at one of the entrances. Perhaps what I miss most about Japan is the way people welcome metaphors in mundane conversation. In Shizuoka, I could say I am posting a photo of this bridge to the Shrine (where people pray for luck) to invite good luck for the reissue of my novel this week, and no one would think I was crazy or odd or (worse) poetic. Perhaps good luck will also come to anyone who comments on this post.


WAC said...

Metaphors Be With You!

I recently read "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles" and was surprised to learn that the Japanese invented fortune cookies, apparently as a souvenir of visits to a particular shrine. I mention it here because it seems related to praying for good luck.

Reckless said...

That place looks familiar, especially the diamonds holes in the brick-hued bridge. Have I been there?

Sara Backer said...