Thursday, August 6, 2009

Peace at the Summit

In Japan, I celebrated holidays by hiking a large hill in Shizuoka that is a Shinto shrine called Sengen Jinja. Yet, this statue at the top, Oshaka-sama, standing on a lotus, is Buddhist. It's a memorial for war victims.

Today, August 6, is the anniversary of the U. S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima. A good day to remember the cost of war and to observe peace.


Reckless said...

On a beautiful day like this one, death is fine subject for pondering since life is so near when the sun is on your skin. How dare we dream of taking that from anyone?

The dead always rest in peace. I only wish we could live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sara, I thought of that, too, yesterday. I bought and hung Tibetan prayer flags on Wednesday(the full moon). Jerce