Friday, October 16, 2009

Spanish Edition Cover

I just received a copy of the new (July 2009) Spanish edition of American Fuji pubished by Emece, an Argentinian company. I think it captures the essence of the novel well. El monte Fuji era casi invisible en el verano pero, en los dias claros, ella veia esa silueta grandiosa y gracil dominando el cielo del norte.


Anonymous said...

Very classy! I especially like the calligraphy done for "Fuji."

Anonymous said...

Loved the book! Enjoying this blog as well. When can we expect your second novel?! Anything in the works???

Sara Backer said...

I've written two novels after American Fuji which haven't been published yet. I've just started writing a new novel. One can never tell what the publishing biz will like or not at any given moment, but I'll be sure to give a shout if lightning strikes twice.