Thursday, July 2, 2009

Art can be dangerous

Just as Gaby had her favorite Chinese scroll, I had mine. Mine is not peonies, but a landscape featuring a poet (in scarlet) and friends admiring a waterfall. I bought the scroll on vacation in Hong Kong and it didn't fit any allowable luggage size. Fortunately, air travel was not as paranoid then as it is now and I was able to take it carry-on and store it in the area for first-class passengers' umbrellas. Customs officials in Hong Kong and Japan both opened it, unrolled it, and admired it before sending me through. The flowers are cyclamen which did well inside my cold apartment.


Reckless said...

I like the idea of poets dressing in red, but in my world that would mean that only poets who readers recognized and admired would be clad in scarlet. That would make for little red in the world, which, in the case of poetry, is too true. The scroll is most excellent, and I continue to admire how that one dash of red makes the mountain real and the white space mysterious and open with possibilities. Do you know whose work it is?

Sara Backer said...

I can't write the kanji signature on my computer. It's an original, not a print, so the artist is not famous.

Yes, little is red in the poetry world, which makes me blue.