Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two Stars

The Tamiya plastic model factory in Shizuoka was my landmark for finding my way back to my neighborhood, just as Alex Thorn did in Chapter 6. I always wondered if their two-star logo related to Tanabata. Surprisingly, this photo reminds me of another place I lived that was about 5,000 miles away: San Luis Obispo, California. Californians, do you agree?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Californian, but it does look a bit as I remember SLO.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sara, I thought it was SLO until I read the test....Jerce

Reckless said...

The golden grass and hills are the features in common for me. This picture reminds me that, to some extent, I miss both California and Japan. Who'd a thunk it?