Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sakura New England

My own cherry tree in bloom. If I were in Japan, businessmen would be drinking beer and sake on blankets beneath it with a karaoke machine blaring. I just finished reading "A Blanket of Cherry Blossom" from The Walking Man by graphic writer Jiro Taniguchi. The Japan he draws is the Japan I knew--his streets could have been Shizuoka City. I'm so impressed by the depth of this short episode, and how much Taniguchi conveys through point of view and the gesture of the man putting his hand on the "blanket" of fallen cherry petals.


Unknown said...

That is just unbelievably gorgeous. Hey, is that you I hear singing to the karaoke music all the way here on the west coast?

Sara Backer said...

If the song is "I refuto my haato in San Furanshisuko", yes, that's me!