Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thoughts on American Fuji

This new blog, Two Bowls of Ramen, featured an unusual review of American Fuji with a sensitive exploration of Gaby Stanton's character. Check it out and leave a comment!


Bryan Pfeiffer said...

In Two Bowls of Ramen, the blogger points out that, “Gaby comes to Alex’s aid as his interpreter, though what follows for the two of them is a looking glass straight into the core of the Japanese.”

I myself might add to that looking glass a view of intrinsic human kindness and compassion. Yeah, Gaby and Alex’s joint and separate journeys tell us much about Japan. But Sara also celebrates the potential for a wonderful bond between two people thrown together by circumstance. Thanks, Sara!

Reckless said...

As a reader of American Fuji, an eight-year resident of Japan (on the island of Okinawa), a writer of poems and stories about Okinawa and Japan, and a friend of Sara Backer, I am pleased to say that this analysis of her novel is one of the best that I have seen.

The insight concerning the opposing characters of Gaby and Alex as they work together is a fine one. Understanding that, and then applying that to an understanding of the incidents of the novel, against the background and within the context of Japan is of primary importance to any reader of American Fuji.

The playfulness of the language and syntax also contribute to the authenticity of the experience within the novel.

It is pleasure to see a reaction to American Fuji that is sensitive and thoughtful.