Monday, June 29, 2009

Quiet Hill

Shizuoka means quiet hill (shizu = quiet and oka = hill) but it was a steep hill to climb every day to the humanities building of the university perched on a hillside. (Unlike Gaby Stanton, I didn't own a car.) None of the U. S. colleges I've taught at have had comparable views. Here, from the top down, is a view of Mt. Fuji from a field higher up the hill from the campus, a view of the Japan Alps to the north from the "lightning" steps halfway to the top, and the view of the Pacific Ocean to the south from my office on the 4th floor.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Mt. Fujii recently for the first time on a flight to Shanghai. It's much steeper than the photos. Until then my only experience of Mt. Fujii was through Gaby and Alex. Awesome, huge crater on the top. I vowed to make a trip to Japan and climb it.