Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Live in Seattle

I'm blogging live at Seatac Airport before my flight is called. I stopped in at the airport Borders Book Store and saw copies of American Fuji on the shelf. So, that called for an unplanned signing! I autographed about 20 copies. I don't often get to the West Coast, so if you want signed copies of American Fuji, call the Borders at Seatac (206-444-4414)--you don't have to go through airport security; they'll get the book out to you. Time to shut down my computer and get in the boarding line. Beautiful view of the mountains on my way out, "looking east, heading home."


SapphireSavvy said...

oh my gosh that is the kickiest-assiest thing I can imagine! too cool!! congrats.

jenny milchman said...

How cool! You're famous coast to coast :)

Reckless said...

You rule both coasts, Sara! All of us bow down before you! Next time that I see a stack of your books, I will autograph them, too! :)