Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yesterday must have been National Package Delivery Day. The Fedex truck made many trips to my house, each time managing to leave corrugated boxes on my stoop between bursts of heavy rain. One box for my order of beautiful Hiroshige postcards, another for my contact lens, and two boxes--two separate trips--to bring me the first copies of the new American Fuji. The new edition is stunning: vermillion letters on a pale yellow tatami background. It looks brighter and has more visual depth than the photo on this blog. The cover just pulls you in!

I am giving away four free copies (signed) through Goodreads. From August 3 to 30, you can enter to receive one!


leftedge suzy said...

The cover is beautiful. I want to buy it.

Reckless said...

Congratulations! I never believe publication is happening until I hold the book in my hand. I am delighted to hear that your hands are full of your good work. I look forward to holding this edition and new novels by you. Gambatte!

Anonymous said...

I just read the Italian translation (called "Il Cuore del Figlio") and found it to be excellent. I travel periodically to Japan and this book has changed my perspective, or to be more accurate, further refined it.